Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Visit to The Canal

With some spare time we decided to go see the Panama Canal (took a taxi and that's a story for another time) - much more to the canal than I knew and obviously I can't share all of that now but I will give you a few fun facts.

These locks (what you see in the pictures) lift the ship up above sea level so it can cross through water inside the country; then similar locks lower the ship back to sea level so it can enter the ocean (that's in simple layman terms). The huge ship gets inside the lock, then the doors are closed behind it, then the water level is changed and the doors in front of the ship are opened - you can see some of those stages in the pictures. The ship does not sail through the locks - it is pulled by these railroad-looking cars beside the canal.

This huge tanker in the picture paid $350,000 to cross through the canal! That toll goes to the Panamanian gov - the US did operate the Canal until 1999 then it was turned over to Panama. It was built during the early 1900's and officially opened in 1914 - the same doors and mechanisms have been being used down in the water for nearly 100 years!

On the treatment front - I get my first spinal injection tomorrow (Wed) - it takes less than an hour at the clinic but then you go back to your apartment and lay flat for 4 hours so you won't get the spinal headache.

While we were in the clinic yesterday, two different children with autism were there for treatments. Dr. Paz also told us about treating a man with severe arthritis and helping him greatly. Dr. Paz is going to a convention in San Antonio to talk about his arthritis protocol. It's not just MS patients who are being treated here.

Some of you may want to check into these treatments for you or for loved ones - it's OK to be pro-active with your health!


  1. hey, sam. did you know i was born in ancon, canal zone. my dad was at fort kobe. i was born in the same hospital that john mccain was born in. anyway, just wanted to wish you well and let you know that we're praying for you. may God grant you completely restored health. clark

  2. Sambo, I have been trying to get on this deal for 3 weeks!!!! Low tech guy in a High tech World! Glad you and Cathy are doing good!! Sure love you! Saw Clark at our Lake Place Beard and ALL!!! Looks like he is doing Great!!! Keep the Faith Psalms 25:4-5

  3. Sam ... I'm glad you're safe. We will miss you tonight at the meeting, but will pray a special prayer for tommorrow! Our love ... Greg & Sally

  4. I've been thinking of ya'll a lot. Been praying every day. We'll miss you tonight at church and hope to see you again soon. Hang in there. We love you...Sherry and Larry

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I especially liked the picture of the church. Thanks for sharing your trip. I truly hope that your treatment is successful and you will be able to come home soon. We are praying for you and your family.