Thursday, June 10, 2010

20 lbs lighter

Well not really, but I did have lipo this morning - Dr. Picard, a plastic surgeon, performed the lipo - he spoke English so I felt very good about what he was doing. While I was in recovery, he told Kathy that he was pleased with the procedure and felt like they gathered some good fat tissue with plenty of active stem cells. The lab will harvest the cells from the fat tissue and will tell us later how many they were able to collect - they try to get anywhere from 50 to 150 million cells and hope that many of those cells are active.

I actually felt better coming out of surgery than early this morning. Last night wasn't real positive - around 12:00 I woke up with the dreaded spinal headache and fever and chills - didn't sleep much after that point. I didn't feel good this morning, but after going through lipo and spending about 3 hours in recovery (sleeping), I felt much better. Dr. Hernandez said the fever and chills are fairly common with the first injection and doesn't mean anything bad. So after hearing that news and sleeping more, I feel much better right now.

As I have said before, I know God could heal me in a blink, but if He chooses to use stem cells as His vehicle, then I think there is a definite purpose in that process and it has caused some positive growth in me. First off, having me pursue this procedure caused me to take an active role, and I believe God asks us to do that - not simply sit and expect him to heal in a blink. Also healing in a blink would not challenge my pride like the current method. It has been very good for my spirit to allow others to help because that act is very overwhelming and humbling - that's not easy for us but allowing others to help becomes very strengthening. You people have been incredible.

God is Good - friends are good!


  1. This is all incredibly facinating! Your attitude and positive spirit are an inspiration to us and we're sure to every person that you come in contact with. God is certainly using you through this!
    Much love to your and Kathy!
    Robin & Matt

  2. Those words sound very familiar! So glad you're feeling better, and I'll be praying that your body responds well...and with as few side effects as possible. Thanks for the informative updates. You'll read them one day and think, "Wow! What an incredible journey God allowed me to take." And then you'll go meet some friends to play tennis :-)

  3. What a great journey you are on. I am glad you have the time to reflect on how God is using you and others to shape his plan. I don't know where they found any fat cells on your body, I will be looking to see what seems to be missing when you return. We continue to lift you up in prayer and all the wonderful doctors and nurses who are caring for you. Tommy and Kristi

  4. I was sitting at my desk today in the VERY quiet halls of Austin Elementary, and thought and thought, about how I would feel going through something like this. Would I have such a great attitude as you? I'm not sure, but you are definitely an inspiration to all of us back home reading this. You are an incredible person Sam! And good things always come to incredible people! I have a STRONG feeling we are going to see you back on that football field real soon trying to figure out which twin secretively traded places with the other, on the field, in a game, without coaches approval as they did in 8th grade "because they wanted to"! I can't wait to see that Coach Harrell "Y'all did what look'????? Johna McGuire :) :)

  5. Been praying for you Sam- your attitude and outlook is incredible. Asked several of your fellow coaches in Texas to keep you in their prayers as well.. Most have said they have been since they first heard the news. I even have half of Corsicana praying for you-- added you to the prayer list at FBC there. Brother Laughlin said he knew you and would add you to their list. Coach Howard at Centennial told me about your blog.

    Keep the faith Coach- God bless you and your family as you go through this-- You are on the minds and in the hearts of many, many people.

    T. Gray

  6. Was very excited to see this on the computer. We have thought a lot about you all, and our prayers are with you both. Good things come to good people. Yours will surely come in time...It just has to be His time. Love you both, Linda & Don