Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Last Sunday

We will be coming home on Saturday, so this was our last chance to attend the Bible Church that Kathy & I located that first Sunday. Jack & Jean really liked this church as well. The singing was really good again, and J & J got to meet Keith and Wilma. (pic) This is the couple who has a daughter in Waxahachie (Dr. Gorman) - they invited us out for lunch, and the Napoli restuarant was excellent. Keith told us that this restuarant had been in Panama since the 50's and that it's big favorite of the locals. He also shared some stories of the years in Panama when Noriega was in power - very restless times for Americans who were living here. Since they have been in Panama for almost 40 years, they obviously can speak the language well and drive in the city. I've told you about the drivers here, and Wilma gets in her Toyota and jumps right in the middle of them - she's good!

We're heading into our final week at the clinic and at PT. We are hoping to go to the Lab where they process and keep all of the stem cells. We will also have our final meeting with Dr. Paz when he will tell us how many millions of stem cells they put in my body. I am also hoping to move my final injection to Thur instead of Friday because we have to leave the apt at 4:30 AM on Saturday so Friday needs to be a "get packed and ready" day not a "get injection and lie prone" day.

I would like to say once again - thanks for your comments and for your prayers. You have truly helped these weeks go by quicker than I ever thought they would. I hope the blog has given you a little insight into Panama and into stem cell treatments - both were new to me until June and now I'm a big fan of both!


  1. Sam, we're looking forward to having you home. I rejoice in the victories you have had so far and pray for many more in the future. While we all want sudden healing for you, we will celebrate this measured and deliberate positive advance each step at a time. Its seems you have gained so much knowlege about your illness and have been enpowered by what you have learned in diet and exercise programs. Welcome home friend. Tommy

  2. It is hard to believe this is your last week...that means the summer is flying by! I'm grateful this has been such a positive experience for you. Its cool to leave your comfort zone for a while and find out what all life has to offer. You will have such great stories to share! I'll be praying that this week brings you closer to your goals, and that you will be prepared to make the trip home. We're keeping it toasty for you, so get ready! Take care!

  3. We have been following you on your blog. This was such a good idea. Thank you for sharing it with us. You and your sweet family have been and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers! God is in control and He will take care of you! Much love, Betty Jo

  4. Hi Sam,
    We have been keeping up and blessed by your fun sense of humor, improvements and descriptions, travels, friendships, and candor throughout the trip.
    Hoping for smooth sailing as you complete your stem cell IV and journey home.
    Please give our best to Jean and Jack.
    We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio later this month.
    Hugs, Carolyn and Randy

  5. Hi Sam!
    I can't believe that you only have 1 week left. Your blogs have been so interesting. I have learned so much about Panama - would love to visit sometime. So glad that you are seeing some improvement. I know that it will con't as the days go by. Tell everyone hello - Kathy, Jack and Jean.

  6. you missed my sermon. don't worry was mediocre at best.
    your blogging skill has you should continue this when you get home.