Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy Friday

Well today is a full day. We've been to the fitness center where we had the normal PT. But also today the nutritionalist met with us and went over the best diet for us and possible supplements. They want you on an anti-inflammatory diet - I didn't know what that would be but I do now - and I even know why my body needs that diet. When I use that word "diet", don't think that means eating less than I am - quite the opposite - on this diet, I may weigh 250 lbs in 3 months.

We will go to the clinic at 3:30 for our injection and then lie flat for the recommended time, and that will about make the day.

I've included some pictures from yesterday. Ivan and his brother Gustavo came over in the afternoon for some QB training. Then for supper last night we met Edward and Janice, the couple we met in the airport when we arrived. Janice is the lady with the scooter and she will probably use it again at the airport when they leave tomorrow (Our wish was for her not to need it on the return trip), but she has made some good progress - she's walking better and she used the escalator last night for the first time in several years. So these small steps are very encouraging, and I believe bigger gains will continue once she is back home. She is very pleased with her trip to Panama.

Hasta mañana!

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