Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Routine Day

Another day of simply Physical Therapy, so not too much to report. Ivan is doing a good job - very patient and encouraging. Everyone in the workout facility was tuned into the World Cup. Since Panama's team is not in the WC, many different flags are being flown around here - seems like the most popular teams here are Brazil and Spain.

We had Steve, Suzie and Nancy over for dinner tonight. We really haven't had the opportunity to see or visit with Steve much because we are on different treatment schedules and stay in different buildings, so it was good to see them and catch up with his progress. He feels his strength and his balance have improved, and he is walking more than when he arrived so that is all good. Tomorrow is his last day of injections, and they are leaving for Texas on Friday. I know they will be ready to be home.

Suzie, Nancy and Kathy are going to do some market shopping tomorrow so they won't be slowed down by the men - that might be good news and bad news!


  1. Sounds like it has been a successful trip. We prayed for you at church tonight. We all look forward to seeing you again.
    Our prayers are with you always.
    Fight the good fight, Coach.
    Love in Christ,
    John, Patricia, Jordy, & Jon-Jon Baugh

  2. That does sound dangerous! You might want to remind them about that 50 lb luggage limit!!

    Patience may be the hardest lesson to learn - I stopped praying for it years ago, because God kept giving me reasons to need it! It's hard to wait on God's perfect timing, but what a blessing it is to be confident that it's real - not just empty prayer jargon!! God has also formed the perfect team - you, with your determination and work ethic; your doctors and therapists, with their knowledge and ability to produce such incredible possibilities; your friends and family, who are the ultimate support and cheerleaders; and God, who is the ultimate managing owner - and never makes a mistake! It's a win/win! I love you, and I'm praying boldly and confidently for your body to respond and heal. Sally