Sunday, June 20, 2010

Restful Sunday

Kathy left for Texas this morning at 6:15 so it's been a slow but restful day. Jack & Jean are coming in tonight, so I will have some good company and help for these next two weeks.

I'm really looking forward to these next weeks because I have seen some small progressions, and I'm really excited about how that will continue. My walking has clearly improved and I don't have to think about it as much. For about 2 years I have had to think and say "heel / toe , heel / toe" just to keep my legs going, but I haven't seemed to need to do that as much these last few days. I know most of you are thinking that sounds crazy, but that's part of this ugly disease - things just don't work like they used to. There's a saying in the MS circles - You don't get (understand) MS, until you get MS.

I also think these people here are onto something with their fitness and eating program. It makes sense and it helps everyone get where they should be. You might like to google Bill Cortright and look at his ideas on Stress Response - Lifestyle Program. He gives so many examples of people who you can all relate to.

Happy Father's Day to all of you fathers - hope you have a GREAT day.


  1. Happy Father's Day to you Sam.
    Here's to continued progress this week.
    Loved your fish story. Tommy Copeland

  2. Happy Father's Day, Sam! We're still praying you.
    Hope you have a wonderful day. Can't wait to see you in church again.

  3. Happy Fathers Day Sam. We love you and we are so excited about the progress you are making. I know these next 2 weeks are going to be even better. Wayne loved your fishing story. We are lifting you up in prayer everyday.
    Wayne and Sandra

  4. Hope you had a Happy Father's Day!  We were excited to see your blog!  Thanks for sharing.  Praying for you here in Odessa!Love, Jeb and Stacie Pruitt

  5. Happy Father's Day to you (a day late), Sam! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your daily posts. I look forward to "hearing" from you every day. It sounds like God is blessing your trip in so many ways. Kelly would have enjoyed the fishing trip with you, but I would have been alot like Kathy, I'm afraid...hunkered down in the bottom of the boat, sick. Addy and I spent a week in your old stomping grounds last week at ACU camp. Addy loved every minute of it, and we were both blessed by being there. Of course, now she thinks she needs to be a Wildcat someday??
    Praying for you often...and can't wait to see you upon your return.

  6. Hey Coach, yea your still my coach, i was excited to read all of your blogs on the improvements, and im glad that your confidence is high because i no your in good hands. No not the Dr, but God.
    Much love and when u do your work outs, your getting a dose of how yal use to do us. lol work hard and hurry up and get home lol
    Denard Cox