Monday, June 21, 2010

Long day for me / Short day for blog

As you know by now, Monday and Friday are my big days here - I go to PT around 10:30, then home for lunch, then to clinic for my injection, and back here for lying prone. Long day but not too much to report in the blog.

Today's injection will be my 5th - I will get 3 more (total of 8), and I will get 2 IV's of my own stem cells. I wish I could say I was at ease with the spinal injections by now, but I still get a little edgy. Some of the patients take muscle relaxers before their injections each time so the Dr. can have a less tense target - so far I have been OK without the relaxers.

Jack & Jean made it in last night around 9:30 - it was sure good to see them. They came with their Panama books and guides, so when we get some down time, they will have plenty to do. In fact they may have to stay an extra month to see all of the things they have marked in their Panama Guide book!

I sure have enjoyed reading your encouraging and sometimes funny comments. I look forward to seeing those every day, so thanks for making my day!


  1. I think tensing up is the best way to go for any shot. I've always taken that approach and it's worked for me.

  2. Happy Father's Day yesterday. I read your blog everyday and print it out on Friday and mail it to Mom to keep up with you. No computer for her. You have a great story to tell and I get encouragement from you! Shouldn't I be encouraging you??? I admire your positive attitude. I'm praying for you and that's the most powerful thing I can do for you. I know God is in control so I trust in that. I love my lifelong (literally) friend.

  3. There's something about being told you have to lie still for an injection of some mysterious fluid into your spine - makes you a little tense! It would make me feel like Kathy looked in her picture in the bottom of the fishing boat!! It's nice to have a place in your mind where you can escape... I look forward to your updates, and I try to pass them on to the computer illiterates in my life :-) Have fun with Jack & Jean - and try to stay out of trouble, since Kathy's left. Love you!

  4. Ronnie Reeves

    I hope you had a good weekend.... A day doesn't go by that Lei Ann and I stop and pray for the success of the treatments. I look forward to being in the stands when you are back on the field coaching....

    Remember : Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1)

    Love you Brother...

  5. Dr Kristi has prescribed chocolate chip cookies to take away the tenseness. She has a fresh batch out of the oven. As soon as they cool I will perform quality control proceedures. Do you have an address that we can mail them to you? Let me know. Have a great day. Tommy

  6. Hi Sam,
    Bud and I are enjoying your blogs. Good to see your winning smile in the pics. Bud said to tell you that the boat is fueled and waiting for your return.
    Love ya,
    Bud and Jan

  7. Hey Coach,
    I know we've only met twice at church but I've really enjoyed reading about your progress. You were a huge inspiration to so many before you started this battle with MS, and now you're even more inspiring. Remember you are blessed, God is really using your life in a huge way.
    Patricia and I pray for you each day and look forward to seeing you back in church.
    Fight the good fight, Coach

  8. I would be asking for the pill (or chocolate)!

    Mom sent this link to me. I've been keeping up but way behind. We have, and will continue, to pray for healing. I'm so happy that you are getting stronger.

    Brenda (Lemmons) Adams

  9. Hang in there, Sam. You're on the downhill side of those injections. And I would be asking for any kind of pill that would take me somewhere else while they do the injections! Still praying for you daily. Holly McRae

  10. Sam...
    Glad you are seeing some improvement. That is very encouraging !!
    Well...tell Jack to go look for a monkey to bring back (or talking parrot), seein's how you don't have time to look.

  11. D.
    I just realized I could send a comment..I don't blog much. From the pics it looks like you and Kath are just down there in Panama on a nice relaxing vacation. I know those spinal injections are not the highlight of your stay, but just think what they are doing. I think of you daily and enjoy reading all your comments on the blog. Hang in there and look forward to more positive reports from you. Coach B.

  12. Hey ~ Just wanted to let you know Sam and I are checking in on you and praying for successful treatments!
    Sam and Laura Stewardson