Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mercado de Publico

Jack & Jean went to the public market this morning - they have a fish, a meat, and a fruit & vege market all in the same area - everything is fresh, and they cut it up for you right there. They are fileting the fish or cutting toes off chicken feet (so you can cook the chicken feet) or cutting beef right off the bone. Maybe you can see some of those sights from the pics. J & J bought some sierra, the same fish I caught on Saturday - the market people said it was the best in Panama! (Enrique say "Good Fish.") And how about the size of the shrimp!

These were also the best prices that any of our group have found so far. The 12 giant shrimp cost 2 dollars! They catch lobsters each day too, but they said that the restaurantes come at 4:30 in the morning and buy all the lobsters.

I went to PT as usual this morning - all went well. Ivan is still working on my balance and overall strength - I usually feel pretty good when I go in but more wobbly when I leave. That makes sense because my muscles are so far behind that they get exhausted easily then they become less steady. Still my walking and coordination have improved - it's only a small amount of improvement right now, but I believe that progression will continue.

I haven't had improvement in any area in the last 3 or 4 years at home, so this treatment is still the right choice. We will be patient and trusting - God could have had Naaman wash in the Jordan River only one time to heal his leprosy, but God told him 7 times. Do you think the muddy waters of the Jordan actually did something, or was God wanting to see some patience and trust? Patient and trusting we will be!


  1. Greg and I flew home from Seattle with people who carried salmon. I'm guessing shrimp might get a little stinky though!

  2. Sam, I tried to send a message a couple of dsys ago but it must not have gotten through. Just wanted to say that Mary Helen & I have enjoyed the blogs. Glad you feel some good improvement. We are praying it continues. Hope to see you at home soon.
    Jerry Smith

  3. I would SOOOO be a vegetarian there!!!!

  4. Hi Sam!
    It is so fun to keep up with you through your blog. Love all the pictures!! Tell Jack and Jean hello. I wish I were there shopping with Jean and all her bargains. It is so wonderful that you are seeing improvement. I have passed your blog on to Erin, Jared's wife. Her Mom also has MS. Thought she might be interested in this process. We send our love!