Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great day of Eagle Fishing

Let me explain my title. We went fishing today thanks totally to the Abilene High football coaches. Steve Warren called me back in March and said "We want to donate some money for your trip but we have one requirement - it must be used for fishing. Yes, we want you to have a nice get-a-way day and just go fishing." That was so thoughtful and generous of those state champs, so today was our Eagle fishing day.
Now let me tell you about the trip. We could have hooked up with some big 42' boat and done some tourist fishing, but we decided on another venue. We took a ferry 12 miles out to Taboga island [pic]- a little pickup picked us up (because it's too much walking uphill for me) and took us to a real picturesque Bed & Breakfast [pic] where they fixed us breakfast - then we went down to the water and met our boat [pic] (Kathy wasn't too prepared for the SS Desta - she still thought it would be some big comfortable ride) - but I wanted simply a local fisherman to take us out like they do each day and Enrique [pic] was our local fisherman (he spoke absolutely no English except 2 words I will tell you later) - he took us out around these small islands in the Pacific - it was a little rough (as you can see from Kathy's fishing position - she's not sunning) [pic] - I simply trolled while Enrique took us around the islands - we did that for about an hour and half with not even a nibble and I was about to tell him that trolling wasn't my favorite or best fishing technique - I wanted to tell him I like how Gary Sitton and I fish back behind his house (not that I have ever caught anything there either but it's much more relaxing) - but about that time, WHAM! - it hit my line and started running - when I got her in, Enrique said it was a sierra [pic] - "good fish" he said. We did a little more trolling then later headed back to land - we walked up to the B & B (every local we passed on the little street said "Good fish") and they prepared our sierra for lunch [pic].

Now for some of you real fishermen, you may not think one sierra is much of a catch - for me it was a highlight reel. Many of you have heard my Breckenridge Phil Dye fishing story, so for me to bring one in all on my own and to be the biggest fish I have ever caught, I was happy. ( I average about one fish every 2 decades, so this big one is good.)

It was a great day especially when you consider the weather - it poured practically all day except for the time we were out away from the B & B - Not a drop - Unbelievable! God was smiling on us, and most likely because He knew there were some great guys from Abilene, Texas who had given from their hearts for this outing! Thanks Steve and the many other coaches at AHS - your gift was appreciated greatly!


  1. Definitely more successful than my shark fishing excursion! Great story - keep em comin!

  2. Great to hear you're able to enjoy yourself. Lot of prayers are being said for you and I'm sure that had a little something to do with the break in the weather. I've really enjoyed reading your stories each day and sharing them with Patricia, it gives us time to meditate and pray together. You are truly an inspiration, Coach. Keep the stories coming. God Bless you and all those that are assisting you there.

  3. Impressive fish story!! Smart move taking that picture :-) Good to see that smile - and Kathy looks like me when we keep having to stop to get a skiier up...major motion sickness! God heals in all sorts of ways - some can even be fun. I'm glad He's giving you the full treatment! Love you guys!!

  4. Sam,
    Great trip. You should have told Enrique about the nightly fishing excursions to Richland Chambers with Wayne. On one of those rare evenings, you shared your wily, veteran, fishing strategy saying, "Stevo, you just go down about 6 clicks and let that fish hit the spool" sounding a lot like "Cullen" Boydo`s friend. Have enjoyed reading your daily posts on your blog and are praying for you brother.
    Steve M.

  5. Happy Father's Day to you (a day late), Sam! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your daily posts. I look forward to "hearing" from you every day. It sounds like God is blessing your trip in so many ways. Kelly would have enjoyed the fishing trip with you, but I would have been alot like Kathy, I'm afraid...hunkered down in the bottom of the boat, sick. Addy and I spent a week at your old stomping grounds last week at ACU camp. Addy loved every minute of it, and we were both blessed by being there. Of course, now she thinks she needs to be a Wildcat someday??
    Praying for you often...and can't wait to see you upon your return.

  6. Sam: Don't know if I am smart enough to do this posting stuff - never tried it before. Just found out about your blog - you're doing a great job of keeping us informed, and bringing a powerful human experience to us all through your words and effort. While you are learning the things you are learning, you are still teaching as well! Liked the fishing and "sight seeing" tour. Glad you are seeing the small benefits. may they soon become larger... MH