Saturday, June 5, 2010

Live from Panama

Well, we made it to Panama City - here's the view toward the hospital from our room - as you can see Panama City is a big place.
Everything went very smooth on the trip other than sitting right in front of a guy who talked the whole 4 and half hours - I would describe him as "big hat / no cattle".

Couple of observations:
The people in Panama drive like ones in NYC - not as many cars of course, but signs don't mean much - just a slight look then gun it!
It gets dark here around 6:45 - it was light then it was dark - no "sun going down" time - it's like they turn the light switch off!

Our first visit to the clinic isn't until Monday morning, so tomorrow we will probably go the Super 99 supermarket that's across the street and maybe to a local fruit market. The Pacific Ocean is right beside us so we will go see the ships lining up out in the ocean waiting to go thru the Canal. Hopefully we will get a picture of the ocean to send with tomorrow's report.

We are meeting Steve and his mother for lunch tomorrow at their place - their building is about 30 yards from ours. I can't wait to hear about Steve's two weeks!

We met another couple on the flight from DFW area who are coming here for stem cell treatments - Edward and Janice from North Richland Hills. Janice has had MS for nearly 10 years - she uses a scooter now. We said she came through the airport on the scooter and will leave without using it! That's her goal and our prayer.

Until tomorrow - turn out the lights!


  1. Am SO glad you made it!! WOW, Panama is a BIG city!!! Am SO anxious for you to meet with your drs., and get started!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for the update!!!

  2. Prayers for you, Steve & Janice! Can't wait for the amazing updates & Panama pictures! Love to you both!
    Robin & Matt

  3. Hi, Uncle Sam, this is Ashley! I'm happy to be following your blog, and look forward to hearing how the treatments go for you. You are in our prayers! I also wanted to say that my ship docked in Panama several times during my two deployments to South America. We were there so often I feel like I really learned my way around! It's a great city, and many of the restaurants serve fantastic steak! I can't wait to hear more!