Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Kathy & I celebrate our 31st anniversary today - she is at Cook Ranch near Albany with good friends and family - Sittons, Felts, Clarks & Harrells, and I'm in Panama and was at Monkey Island today. Touring the island cost $35 ($36.75 with tax) and I saw 4 monkeys and one turtle (pics) - that comes out to $9 per monkey and .75 for the turtle, so I hope you really enjoy the pictures.

Jack & Jean went on an exhibit tour featuring butterflies, snakes, orchids, fish, crocodiles, and poisonous tiny frogs. Their tour cost $15 each so they may have gotten more bang for the buck. But they did have to walk the whole time so they were tired. They missed the luxury ride in the tour boat. (pic ) Wish I could have taken Kathy for her anniversary ride in the boat! We all enjoyed the taxi ride back to the city.

I took some other pics of the city so you could see there are parts of the city that are not new high-rise condo's and fancy malls. You see some apartments, a city bus (that everyone tells you not to get on), the fish market, and some students going home from school.

Happy Anniversary, Kath!

Gary, hope you are taking care of the ranch crew - sorry I missed it this year - I'll be ready for next year!

Hasta manana!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Sam & Kathy! Hope you celebrate many, many more! You are in our thoughts and prayers! Thanks for your blogs. We wish only the best for you! Betty Jo, Gene and John

  2. Happy Anniversary from Sherwood Ranch! Got your blog info from T. Copeland who found me somehow. I have three cousins with MS and hope you find some relief in Panama. Best of luck and God Bless.
    David Werst

  3. Hey Sam. Happy Anniversary. Just checking in. Its good your will be coming home so.Missed you and Kathy at the reunion. Your in our prayers brother.

  4. We miss you Coach!!! As always your always you seem to be a topic of the kids conversations!!! I'm so happy everything has gone well for you and your lovely family! Everyone misses you especially your family @ EHS!!! Our family will continue to pray for your "complete" healing! We love you!! The Snyder Family!

  5. It's nice to see that your treatments haven't diminished your penny counting.

  6. This was my favorite day! I almost wet myself!!