Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, Monday

It was a typical PIP Monday – PT, Injection, Prone. But the traffic was not typical. It was unbelievably jammed all day, and with the “May the best man win” attitude as the rule of driving, it was really crazy – honking, honking, and honking. Then you throw in that scenario the fact that Brazil, the overwhelming World Cup favorite here, was smashing Chile, 3-1, (that’s smashing in soccer), then it really became a HONK-FEST. If Brazil wouldn’t have been winning, there might have been some carnage with the traffic like it was.

We finally learned the cause of the traffic congestion – they had several main streets blocked off because there were 8 Presidents from other countries coming into the city today. Not sure if they are meeting about something vital or just coming in to go fishing with Enrique!

I included a picture of the Punta Pacifica Hospital (John Hopkins affiliated) where the clinic is located. The STI clinic is not in the hospital, but it’s right beside it. We were in the hospital for the lipo procedure, but all of the injections and IV’s take place in the clinic. I also included a picture of Judy, another MS patient from the DFW area. She’s been a trooper in my eyes – this is her 3rd week – her husband was here the first week, her sister is here this third week, and her daughter is coming the fourth week, but during that second week, she was here by herself! Knowing how much Kathy and J&J have done for me, I really admire Judy for being such a warrior.

We are going to visit the stem cell lab, where they separate and keep all of the cells, on Wed. They bring your cells each injection day from the lab to the clinic in individual small coolers with your name on it. Today they delivered mine while we were sitting in the waiting room, and Dr. Herrero said, “here are your cells.”

Each injection day, I try so hard to relax and be calm, and I really don’t feel that much tension or stress. But each time they take your blood pressure before and after the injection, and the cuff doesn’t lie (kind of like video in football). Today I was all relaxed, thinking it wouldn’t be that high (I have real good BP – normally around 105/70), but when the cuff was through, the machine read 135/77! That’s just a real lesson in stress on your body – you don’t have to feel it for your body to be stressed. As soon as the injection was over, she pushed the button again – new reading 110/ 71 – and I really didn’t feel any different - End of Stress Seminar 101.

Hope those Presidents catch some sierras like I did.


  1. So glad things continue to go well for you. I know you are thrilled to see improvement, however small they may seem right now. Saying prayers for you!
    Laura Stewardson

  2. Sam,

    You missed your chance at promoting World Peace, although you would have had some explaining to do if they introduced you as a nationally renowned football coach and you didn't show up with a soccer ball. Your blog and your life are an inspiration to many. You've got a whole stadium of people rooting for you, keep your spirits high and we all can't wait to see you again.
    Brandon C

  3. Just caught up on your last 4 days of blogs. Describing what MS does to you was a real eye opener for me. I am excited for you and the progess you are making, all of our prayers are working. Keep up the good fight.
    I was thinking about you the other day and recalled that there is one remedy that you have not tried that we learned from one of our high school football coaches--"Put an ace bandage on it, it't be all right".

    Larry T.