Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekend sights

Yesterday's 2nd injection went fine - no headaches or chills or fever. No improving signs yet but it's too early.
Thought I might just show some sights of Panama City that we have seen - went to the causeway today - Kathy & I at la restuarante - I had grilled octopus! (Can you believe that, K Boston)

These ships are in the Pacific Ocean waiting to go thru the canal. They have to wait until their check is cleared through the Bank of Panama!

Another day we went to Ancon Hill - this is a view of Casco Viejo - the old city.

This view is of the new city with all of it's condos and hotels - very American-like - still from Ancon Hill just adjacent to the old city.

Here's a shot of the Bridge of Americas from Ancon Hill - the road that will get you from Central America to South America.

This picture is in Casco Viejo - it's a very old church with ornate carving with gold plating.

We take taxis to these places and that is always interesting. If you paint your car taxi yellow, then it's a taxi - may be an old Mazda PU, or exhaust blowing Toyota or a old van - doesn't matter as long as it's yellow! They don't have meters or rules - you tell them where you want to go - they say "yes" and then you say "how much?" If it's more than 5 dollars, you say "no" and they come down. You finally get in and better hold on - driving is absolutely crazy - worse than NYC because they have no rules or concerns - just blow their horn and pull out in front of anyone or anything. It's really not believable - but they get you where you want to go and it doesn't cost much. So hop in and enjoy the ride!


  1. I'm so happy that you are updating this blog often, so we know how things are going...
    When I told Kris you had a blog, he couldn't believe it :)!! We are praying for you daily. If y'all need anything while you are gone please don't hesitate to let us know!!

  2. Sam, I would be even more surprised if you ate Octopus in cheese sauce!

  3. Octopus? Man, you realy are stretching your horizon. Those are some great shots, are your sure U don't want to shoot the action next season?

    Love ya'll