Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trial Run on Video Download

I've been wondering about sending you guys some video - I know that sounds easy but trust me, it's not - too many parameters to follow. But this is my latest trial run and I believe it's working. This is the view outside our apartment from our balcony. You can see all the new buildings (including Donald's) and the Pacific Ocean and that little island with the house on it.

Now that I know how to send video, I will give you some more later.


  1. The video was good, but would love to hear your voice on the next one. Sounds like things are going well and loved your explanation of the stem cells. Go stem cells, go stem cells.
    S-T-E-M C-E-L-L-S,,, S-T-E-M C-E-L-L-S, Stem Cells, Stems Cells, Stem Cells FIGHT!!!!! I would do my cheerleading jump, but I'm afraid I'll hurt something, so just use your imagination...
    Love & prayers everyday to you.

  2. You do know that video has sound too. You can talk while you record.