Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Currency, Cars, and Cantaloupes

It's been a slow day so I picked out these 3 things in Panama to report on.

The Economy here in Panama is not feeling any downturn - it's rockin' and rolling. They are still building everywhere in the city, and every new building is taller than the existing ones. (As you can see from these pictures) People are working and every building seems like it is full so they just build more. And believe me they go to their malls as much as Texans do. The people are working and spending down here.

And of course that means they are driving as well. Even though I did remember how crazy the traffic and driving was, it's simply not believable until you see it! I am amazed every day when we get out. It would be like driving in Dallas with no rules. You can turn right or left from any lane any time, no stop signs or signals at intersections, simply beep your horn to let people know you are entering the street or their space, only thing you really stop for are people walking across any street at any time. Driving is basically a game of chicken testing who will really take a spot or right of way. And remember you're doing this in Dallas, not just Small-Town USA. What is truly incredible is that it actually works! In Dallas there would be so many wrecks and lawsuits that we would all have to be insurance agents and lawyers.

Lastly I want to report on the fruit. Not sure if they grow much fruit down here, but they have plenty of it at supermarkets and street-side vendors. Here's my report card on it:
Apples - A-
Grapes - B-
Plums - F (may be a bad batch or poor time of year but they are BAD)
Nectarines - D
Pineapples - A
Oranges - A+ (these delicious oranges have a USA sticker on them)
Cantaloupes - A

So I guess your takeaway from today is: If you come to Panama you can get a job, find plenty of good fruit, and be in great shape from walking instead of driving (or remember Rule #2 if taking a taxi).

Injection #2 tomorrow - more fresh, active stem cells.

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