Monday, March 14, 2011

First Monday

It was probably not as exciting as First Monday in Canton, but it was my first Monday to my second round of stem cells, so it was still exciting for me. My initial doctor visit was the only thing on the agenda, but I got a little bonus. When I went to the clinic, Dr. Paz explained to me what we would be doing on this trip - 5 spinal injections and 2 IV infusions - but he also said he was going to give me 5 stem cell booster shots, and they gave me one of those today. They have discovered that your stem cells work harder after these boosters, so they have started using them with some patients on a trial basis. I was glad to be in the trial group. I told him "you can try anything on me that you think might work. I don't have too much to lose."

I have my first PT visit and first spinal injection tomorrow so it will be a full day - just full in knowing my time will be on a schedule most of the day. The longest part will be the lying flat for 3 - 4 hours after the injection. I have my iPod, thanks to Clark from last year, so I have songs and books to listen to again this year.

Not much more to tell you for today. I did think I would show you that Donald Trump has been busy working on his Trump building here in Panama City. You remember his building is the sail-shaped condo in the pictures - here it is now in March 2011 and in June 2010. I know you will sleep better now, knowing big Donald is doing more than that lousy apprentice show.

Buenas noches!

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  1. I was worried that Trump might be distracted by his possible presidential run. It's good to see that he is being successful there.