Sunday, March 13, 2011

All Is Good

Well, we (Jack, Jean, and myself) made it to Panama City fine on Saturday evening. All went well, even with the anxiousness of only a 40 minute change of planes at Houston International airport - everything worked out fine. It reminded me of our 2001 football season and Coach Boyd saying "Everything is falling into place!" Of course that was usually after they had found out Denard just passed Spanish or Jarvis did make it to the bus to Texas Stadium but hadn't told me any of that.

Once our plane landed everything seemed very familar - from Victor picking us up at the airport, seeing the beautiful skyline of Panama City, having the same doorman at the apartment, coming into the same apartment with the same great view of the Pacific, and even smelling the same scent of the apartment building (not a bad smell, just a distinct one). We felt right at home, very comfortable.

This morning (Sunday) we wanted to go back to the Crossroads Bible Church so we got up with that plan. Once we were dressed, ready, and down at the street, I made a big mistake. I violated Rule #2 in the Rules of Life. Just FYI, Rule #1 in the Rules of Life is: When playing pickup basketball, NEVER choose someone wearing jeans - long ones or cut-offs! It's simply true so don't forget it. But Rule #2 in the Rules of Life, which I violated today, is: When in Panama, NEVER wave down a taxi with it's windows down! I knew better but I did it. It means that taxi doesn't have A/C and you need A/C all of the time in Panama. Sorry Jack & Jean - my bad!

But we did make it to worship at the Crossroads church (just had the sweaty, wind-blown look) and truly enjoyed it again. More familarity - got to see Keith, whose daughter is Dr. Gorman in Waxahachie. His sweet wife, Wilma, wasn't feeling well so we didn't get to see her - maybe next Sunday because we plan on returning. The singing in English and Spanish was really good again.

Monday will be my first trip to the stem cell clinic. No injections on Monday, just the initial doctor visit. Physical therapy and injections begin on Tuesday. I am ready for both.

Thank you for your prayers for a safe trip (I know that is why everything fell into place) and for good results with the stem cells. As I said last June, I want God to work through these stem cells just as He worked through the mud on the blind man's eyes and the muddy water of the river Jordan on the leprosy of Naaman - not just to help me get my legs working right again but so I may help others find a new and effective treatment to their disabilities.

Hasta mañana!(my Spanish is coming back too)

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  1. I'm glad ya'll made it safely. I pray everyday for you and will send special prayers today for your appointment and for tomorrow's injections and physical therapy.
    Marla Williams Hill