Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get Your Mum - Homecoming is One Week Away

I leave for my second trip to Panama for stem cell treatments in one week - I'm really looking forward to the trip - a chance to see good friends again and a chance to gain some more improvements with this battle with MS. After spending a month there last June, we obviously got to know everyone quite well, and since coming home they have continually called and emailed to check up on me. So going back feels a little like a homecoming. I always dreaded Homecoming in football, so this may be my first non-anxiety homecoming - no dance, no mums, no distractions - that's my kind of Homecoming!

I will definitely miss everyone here, especially my new grandbaby - Gunner. He's only one week old and will be one month old when I get back - maybe he won't be walking & talking already, and I will still have some holding & rocking time. That's the reason Kathy is not going with me - she will stay and help Zac & Stephanie & Gunner when she can. Jack & Jean are going with me, and they are seasoned vets to this Panamanian travel since they came the final two weeks last year. I'm hoping Jean finds some more of those giant shrimp that she bought last year - only 2 dollars for 12 of those monsters- much better bang for your buck than those monkeys on Monkey Island!

Well, I posted today mainly to get back on the site and see if I remembered how it all worked, so I guess we are all set for the trip and the blog. Stay tuned - I'll be in touch!

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