Monday, March 21, 2011

Reporte el lunes

I haven’t told you much about Physical Therapy this trip. I still go to the same fitness center, Bio-Fit, but I have a different trainer this year. Last year it was Ivan, but he is working at a hospital physical therapy center now. We have talked to him several times, and he came by last Wednesday and had dinner with us - it was really good to see him. He’s still involved in football, a tackle league and a flag league and is even coaching a girls’ football team. He may be the Knute Rockne of Panama football.

My new trainer at Bio-Fit is Louvina – I call her Lou. She’s good – speaks less English than Ivan – not a slave driver but truly wants to help my stiff walking and wobbly balance. Only staying two weeks doesn’t give me much training time here, but it will give me some things to take back home. And once I get back to Ennis, I do have the slave driver, Tommy Copeland, every M-W-F morning.

I had my third injection today, and all went fine. My blood pressure this year hasn't gone up during pre-game like last year. Obviously I'm much more relaxed with the whole process plus Dr. Herrero does a good job of keeping the anxiety low. It was about this time in the treatment process that I began to see some slight changes last time. I remember being able to put my shorts on while standing and remember getting in the transportation van without assistance, so I'm quietly looking forward to this week. The doctors still say that most people don't see much difference while they are here, but I definitely did last year, so I'm excited and hopeful this time as well.

Hasta el martes!

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