Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slow, Relaxing Sunday

Not really much to report for today. It was a nice, slow Panamanian Sunday. We went to worship this morning at the Crossroads church - sang Santo, Santo, Santo (that's Holy, Holy, Holy for you who aren't bilingual). After church we went to Napoli's restaurant to eat. We ate there last year with Keith and Wilma, and that was Jean's only "must do" for the whole trip. She wanted to eat at Napoli's sometime! It is a good place to eat - very popular here as we could tell from the crowd.

After eating we stopped at Super Kosher, one of the nearby supermarkets. We have Super 99 and Super Kosher within walking distance so that is nice. This area of the city, Punta Pacifica, is a big Jewish area and this Super Kosher is their supermarket. Of course they let us non-Jews shop there too because they like our money also.

Once we came back to the apartment, I did watch a little March Madness basketball, but it's just not quite the same or as enjoyable, watching on a 22 inch, non-flat screen, non-HD, Spanish-speaking TV - makes for good reading though. I finished my second book today, The Accountant - the story of Pablo Escobar written by his brother Roberto who was the accountant in their cartel business. The unbelievable amount of cash, the quantity of corruption, the number and types of killings, the schemes they thought up for protection - all of that was mindboggling. Graham and Clark had read this book and had given it to me, saying "you need to read this story." So I did, and it definitely held your attention - I kept thinking "one day you're going to reap what you sow", and sure enough he does. He is killed at the age of 44, probably the richest man in the world, running for his life the last several years, can't live with or hardly see his own family, can't trust anyone - sounds great doesn't it!

I begin the second week of treatments tomorrow with PT in the morning and Injection in the afternoon. It will be a fast week for us with treatments on M-W-F and coming home on Saturday.

See you soon.

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