Thursday, March 17, 2011

WARNING - Not for Everyone!

You may not want to watch this video or let your children watch it - lock up the men and children. I'm not trying to startle any one, but so many of you have asked me, "What are the treatments like? What do they do to you?"

Well, I thought I would show you a video of exactly what they do. If you don't like shots or needles, then just don't watch it.

There are 5 steps each time:
Cover (that's the yellow film)
Deaden (local anesthesia)
Insert the longer needle
Inject the stem cells (You hear her ask me about accepting the cells - they have to get your permission each time. Not likely you would change your mind at that stage of the game!)

I really like my little doctor, Dr. Herrero, who gives me these injections. Listen to her cute Spanish accent when she says, " Take a deep breath - Local anesthesia."

This is all there is to it - when this is over, you go home and lie flat for 3 - 4 hours.

Today I got the Trifecta - Injection in the back, IV in the arm, and booster shot in the leg. So I should sleep well tonight.

Hasta manana!

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  1. Ok, I want to say ouch or gross or something like that...however, it's good to see you stabbed with a needle.