Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Begins

It's hard to believe the whole month of June has passed - it seems like just yesterday we were landing in Panama on June 5th.

This last Thursday is like my usual Friday - we went to PT this morning and will go to the clinic this afternoon for our final injection and our final consultation with the Dr's. They will tell us how many million stem cells I received (yesterday at the lab they told us that they count those cells with a laser), and the Dr's will tell us what to expect over the next several months.

At PT Ivan continued to work on my balance and core. You see us on the Bosu balls - I can get on the Bosu by myself now. I have ordered one for the house because you can do so much on one of these Bosu balls. I now must convince Kathy to throw a ball with me, as Ivan would do - that may be more difficult than balancing on the Bosu.

Not many days or meals left here in Panama, so Jean is trying to plan everything so the cupboard is just about bare as we exit. She is doing a great job of feeding us meals recommended by the Bio-Fit team. So we are eating right, exercising daily, and getting new stem cells weekly - that's a hat-trick in the health world.

Well I'm going to rest now before we go to the clinic - my goal is to have my BP under 115 when Dr. Herrero comes in with the needles! Last chance to accomplish this goal so it's game time!

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