Friday, July 2, 2010

El Ultimo Dia

Well today's really our last day here in Panama, and we leave with mixed emotions. Obviously we are ready to be back in Ennis and Duncan to see family and friends, but we feel like we are leaving friends here also. Jack, Jean & I have really enjoyed our stay these last 2 weeks, and it's primarily because of the nice folks.

I want to say "Gracias" and "Hasta la vista" to a few of our new Panamaian friends and others we have met in Panama: First the team at the Stem Cell Institute who took such good care of us, answered all questions and encouraged us - Yvonne, Vivian, Dr. Herrero, Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Paz and Dr. Riordan; then the crew at the Cell Medicine Lab who took such care of our cells - Melisa, Dr. Tribaldos, MarjaLaura and the many lab techs; the Stem Cell drivers who did an unbelievable job getting us to all of the appointments in the crazy traffic - Roberto, Luis, and Ricardo; also the drivers who got us around the city for other activities - William, Victor, and Alex and one special taxi driver whom we used the last 2 weeks for everything - Luiz; the ones who lined up our living quarters - William then Christine, a new friend from Florida and her manager, Beby - these nice ladies saved us when we were looking for a place for that 4th week; the group at Bio-Fit who do a tremendous job of working with your disabilities with such patience and also guide you in your lifestyle for health - Bill, Javier, Dick, David, Miguel and my personal trainer and QB, Ivan; my fellow Stem Cell patients - Dana, Julie, and the Texas crew of Janice, Judi, and Steve; our new friends at the Crossroads Bible Church who made us feel so welcome and worshipful - Steve & Heather Gunn and Keith & Wilma Forster; my Island of Taboga friends - Hiddo & Cynthia and their helpers at the Bed & Breakfast and our fisherman friend Enrique; and any others who I have probably left out. Thanks for making our stay in Panama fun, enlightening, encouraging and hopeful. Hope is what began this journey, and you have played a huge part in making it continue.

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