Friday, May 28, 2010

One week - One more change

We leave in 8 days and I'm excited about the trip. Steve and Suzie Betik are down there right now, and Suzie has been sending back informative and positive updates. Steve has had 2 injections of stem cells at this time so I can't wait to hear how he keeps doing.

We have had one more slight change in our plans. I will now be staying for 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks. They offer both protocols and you can basically choose either - they sometimes will recommend one depending on your condition. They had left that decision up to me saying both treatments are good and people see good results from both. The one difference they did point out was that more people return for a second trip who do the 2 week treatment. Well, that makes sense, and I didn't really have a reason not to stay for the longer period. So after listening to several friends and concerned ones, I have decided to stay 4 weeks - leave on June 5th and return on July 3rd.

I will have 8 injections and 2 infusions of stem cells and 15 days of fairly rigorous physical therapy. They are big on helping you get your strength, balance, and cardio back to a good level, and with MS that is important.

Not much more to tell until we get to Panama City, so check back around June 6th.

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